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ZIST- O | Liquid Herbal Supplement Performance Enhancer

ZIST-O | Liquid Herbal Supplement Performance Enhancer PREVENT STRESS FOR MAXIMUM  IMMUNITY INDICATION: Sustained power production Optimizes immunity development and resistance against diseases and infections. Protects and strengthens against stress situations during breeding, brooding, ranging and maintenance stages. Minimizes depletion of Vitamin C which is vital...READ MORE

Liverator | Ultimate Liver Protection | Herbal Supplement | Gamefowl

Liverator | Herbal Performance Enhancer – Liquid Supplement Increase energy because of healthy liver Promotes healthier and stronger gamefowl Cleanses and protects the liver from toxins and impurities Strengthened the liver from abusive intake of drug Enhance fighting ability due to better health DOSAGE AND...READ MORE

Respigen 15 The Blood Oxygenizer | Oral Drops

Last Longer During Drag Fight!!! Vitamin B15 (Pangamic Acid), Vitamin E and Selenium Respigen 15 contains Vitamin B15 (Pangamic Acid), Vitamin E and Selenium that helps gamefowl last longer during drag fight (basaan) by increasing oxygen flow in the different vital orgams. It is formulated...READ MORE

Ambroxitil | Anti Biotic | Bacterial Flushing ~ Powder

Ambroxitil Water Soluble Powder Veterinary Record: VRM 06 1154 Amoxicillin + Tylosin + Bromhexine The Number 1 antibiotic for chicks against Coryza (pisik), CRD (halak), Fowl Pox (bulutong) and Colibacillosis (yellowish diarrhea). For bacterial flushing Fast-acting! in just 2 hours, AMBROXITIL starts to take effect....READ MORE

Amtyl 500 | Anti Biotic | Bacterial Flushing ~ Tablet

Amtyl 500 Tablet Amoxicillin + Tylosin ~ The Number 1 Antibiotic For Prevention and Treatment of the following: Infectous Coryza “pisik na sipon” Chronic Respiratory Disease CRD “halak na sipon” Fowl pox “bulutong” For bacterial flushing For fast recovery of wounds Dosage and Administration: PREVENTION: One...READ MORE

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