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LiverCon OD | Oral Drops 15 ml

LiverCon OD Performance Enhancer Oral Solution ANTI STRESS + CONDITIONING in One Benefits: Detoxifiers, Post Fight Supplement, Stress Buster, Thermo Regulator, Immediate Source of Energy and for Travel Supplement. Indication: Improves the natural value for rapid energy supply. It increases longevity, speed and endurance. It also...READ MORE


PREDNICON 10ML Formulation: FLORPHENICOL + PREDNISOLONE + N-ACETYLYSTEINE Antibacterial / Anti – inflamatory / Mucolytic Indication: Florphenicol is indicated for preventive and therapeutic treatment of respiratory and gastrointestinal tract infections associated with Actinobaccillus spp., Salmonella spp. and Streptococcus spp. in swine and poultry. Prednisolone aid...READ MORE

Powerpoint Cobra | Pointing Capsule

Indication: Improve mental and physical performance in fight cock. Boost endurance Increase focused and enhances strength Provide source of energy during the fight Dosage and Administration: Stag and Cock ~ 1 capsule 1 to 2 hours before the fight. Powerpoint Cobra 1 Hour before fight...READ MORE

3LLIUM Feather Shampoo

3LLIUM Shampoo ~ Trichlorfon + Deltamethrin + Ketoprofen + Spinosad Ectoparasiticide | Muscle Relaxant Dipping Solution | For Veterinary Use Only CITRONELLA SCENT Triple mite and tick killing formula Super quick heal Sooting muscle relaxant Insect repellent and mega bubbles Indication: For external parasite: Ticks, fleas,...READ MORE

Respirax – Water Soluble Powder | Bacterial Flushing

Respirax | Bacterial Flushing Company: Massive Dynamics Agro Resources, Inc. Content Per g powder: Erythromycin 200 mg, Tilmicosin 20 mg PVET Classification Macrolides Drug Class Rx (please see your veterinarian for proper supervision) Indication: Treatment of chronic respiratory disease (CRD), infectious coryza & infectious sinusitis...READ MORE

Alpha – One | Tablet

Beta Alpha – 1 Multi Vitamins + Mineral + Honey Bee with Calcium

PURGE Pro | Anthelmintic

Febantel + Praziquantel + Fenbendazole ~ Anthelmintic EASY TO USE ~ No fasting required, deworm anytime of the day and No stress formulation. TARGETS ~ in short all worms. Fendendazole: hook worms, whip worms and gape worm. Praziquantel: flukes and tape worms. Febantel: round worms...READ MORE

Paracure | Anti – Bacterial

NEW GENERATION – PARACURE CAPSULE Co-Amoxiclav + Tilmicosin + Flumequin ~ Cures diarrhea, salmonelosis, Infectous Coryza, Chronic Respiratory Disease CRD and fight wounds Dosage and Administration: RESULTS IN 1 DAY AND GUARANTEE CURE IN 3 to 5 DAYS CONTAINS: Co-Amoxiclav (2014): ultra broad spectrum Flumequin (2014): gastro-intestinal,...READ MORE

Ivicide Ivermectin Capsule | Anti Parasitic

Indication: For the prevention and control of internal and external parasite in chicken and other bird such as small and large strangles, pinworms, hair worm, stomach worms, lungworm, round worms, neck thread worm, lice and scaly leg mite. Preventive medications against heart worm infection in...READ MORE

S.E.T. Pro | Effervescent Granules

Multivitamins + Minerals + Electrolytes + Amino Acids + Probiotics Indication: A dietary supplement that help and give fast immediate onset of action, boosting energy performance and concentration. It stimulates optimum growth and enhances muscle endurance. Relieves stress related problems caused by extreme temperature changes,...READ MORE

Gold Medallion | Vit B Complex + Liver Extract

Gold Medallion – Vitamin B Complex + Liver Extract Solution for Injection FORMULATION: Each ml contains: Nicotinamide                                                        ...READ MORE

Bully Boy | Vit B Complex + Vit E

Bully Boy – MAD Science (Vitamin B-complex + Vitamin E + Amino Acids + L-Carnitine + Dextrose) VITAMIN B-COMPLEX appetite enhancer essential in blood production nerve stimulant improves metabolism & energy production VITAMIN E antioxidant AMINO ACIDS muscle growth and repair L-CARNITINE burns fat produces...READ MORE

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