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NOBILIS Mycoplasma Mallisepticum MG 6/85

Nobilis MG 6/85 is a live vaccine for the active immunization of chickens to reduce clinical signs of infection with Mycoplasma gallisepticum. Composition Active components per dose: Live M. gallisepticum strain 6/85: >= 106.9CFU Formulation A freeze-dried pellet. Indications Active immunization of future layers to...READ MORE

Marek HVT Freeze Dried

Marek’s Disease Marek’s disease is caused by a herpesvirus. It is a very common highly contagious disease resulting in immune suppression and increased susceptibility to other diseases such as coccidiosis.  Marek’s disease has three different clinical manifestations: Nervous (neurological) – paralysis of the legs, wings...READ MORE

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