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Pyristat Water Soluble Powder

Formulation • Pyrimethamine + Sodium Sulfamonomethoxine + Vit k3 Indication • Treats avian malaria and leukocytozoonosis in broilers, layers and fightingcocks. ANTI-MALARIA List of Ingredients: Each gram contains: Sodium Sulfamonomethoxine…….10mg Pyrimethamine Hydrochloride….50mg Vitamin K3)……….3.5mg Dosage & Administration: Fightingcocks: Prevention: 5g/20L(1tsp/5 gal) of drinking water for...READ MORE

Tape Terminator | Liquid Dewormer

Tape Terminator LIQUID DEWORMER. It controls roundworms and tapeworms in fighting cocks. For chicks, mix 1-2 teaspoons per gallon of drinking water for 2 consecutive days. COMPOSITION Each mL contains: Praziquantel – 50 mg; Levamisole Hydrochloride – 10 mg Excipients q.s. ad – 1 mL...READ MORE

Levimin GK

Levimin GK MULTIVITAMINS + MINERALS – It increases vigor and stamina. It also stimulates the nervous system for faster and well-coordinated reflexes. In brood cocks and brood hens, it prevents fertility problems. Added to mixed feeds at a rate of 2 teaspoons per kilo of...READ MORE

New Improved – Wash Out Intense Shampoo

New Improved – Wash Out Intense Shampoo Wash Out Intense Ecto-parasiticide Shampoo – VR 3489 For Veterinary and external use only FORMULATION: Each ml contains: Permethrin ……………………..150 mg Piperonyl Butoxide…………….75 mg D-Panthenol …………………….10 mg – newly added INDICATIONS: Shampoo that contains Permethrin, Piperonyl Butoxide and...READ MORE

Proxigen Soft Gel Capsule

Proxigen OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6 FATTY ACIDS. It promotes blood circulation enhancing tissue oxygenation for better power and speed during the fight. Give at a dose rate of 1 capsule per week. COMPOSITION Each capsule contains: Gamma linolenic acid – 45 mg; Eicosapentanoic acid – 90...READ MORE

Vermex Forte – Conditioning Dewormer

Vermex Forte COMPOSITION Each caplet contains : Niclosamide 100 mg, Levamisole HCl 10 mg, Albendazole 10 mg. INDICATIONS It is effective in the removal of roundworms (Ascaris), hairworms (Capillaria spp.), and tapeworms in fighting cocks, doves, canaries, quails and cockatoos. DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION Growing fightingcocks:...READ MORE

Bee Pollen 100 tablets

Bee Pollen HONEY TABLET – Natural supplement that contains multivitamins, minerals and amino acids. It improves and increases power & stamina in fighting cocks and other birds, stimulates fast musculoskeletal reflexes during the fight & boosts resistance against infections & stress during training. FORMULATION Each...READ MORE

Viminolak Iron Cell

  Formulation: Each 30 mL contains: Vitamin A …… 25,000 IU Thiamine HCI (Vitamin B1) L-Phenylalanine …… 6.25 g L-Glutamine ……. 6.25g RNA ……. 6.25g Choline Bitartrate ……. 6.25 g Gotu Kola …….. 6.25 g Royal Jelly ……. 6.25 g Lecithin ……. 6.25 g Vitamin...READ MORE


Viminolak MULTIVITAMINS + MINERALS + HEALTH FOODS – It provides energy for maximum growth, vigor and stamina. Give 1 tablet 2 times a week during conditioning. For maintenance, 1 tablet weekly. COMPOSITION Each tablet contains: Vitamin A – 3,000 units; Vitamin D3 – 400 units;...READ MORE

Trisullak Injectable

Trisullak Injectable TRIMETHOPRIM + SULFADOXINE – Indicated for the treatment of digestive and respiratory tract infections. Given through intramuscular injection at a dose rate of 0.25 – 0.5 mL per head. COMPOSITION Each mL contains Trimethoprim – 40 mg Sulfadoxine – 200 mg INDICATIONS For...READ MORE

Thiabex XS

Thiabex XS New Packaging VITAMIN B COMPLEX + LIVER EXTRACT. It improves appetite and minimizes effects of stress and a direct muscle. COMPOSITION Each mL contains: Vitamin B1 – 10 mg; Vitamin B2 – 5.5 mg; Vitamin B6 – 4 mg; Vitamin B12 – 10...READ MORE

Slazbolak Injectable

Slazbolak INJECTABLE ANABOLIC STEROID It promotes muscle development and endurance. Rotational site of injection is advisable for better absorption. COMPOSITION Each mL contains: Nandrolone Phenylpropionate – 20 mg INDICATIONS In fighting cocks, Slazbolak develops pectoral muscles without increase in body weight and accelerate bone maturation....READ MORE


Meeb – Testosterone + B Complex And Vitamin E Administer ¬ cc every week or 4 days before the fight via intramuscular injection. It increases aggressiveness and alertness of battle cocks. COMPOSITION Each mL contains: Methyltestosterone – 2 mg; Dl Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate – 25...READ MORE


Cydroxo CYANOCOBALAMIN + HYDROXOCOBALAMIN – It is an anti – anemia supplement for gamefowls. Inject ¬ cc at the breast muscle for stags 2 times a month with at least 15 days interval. In bullstags, cocks, same dose but administer with an interval of 7-10...READ MORE


Calveex CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT + VITAMINS A, D3 & E – Essential for proper bone development, for proper blood calcium and muscle tone. Administer 1 caplet every other day for 15-30 days or 1 tablet daily for 15 days. COMPOSITION Each tablet contains: Calcium Lactate –...READ MORE

LDI Vitamin B12 Tablets

Cyanocobalamin – Vitamin B12 Tablets ANTI-MICROCYTIC ANEMIA – Give one caplet twice a week for three consecutive weeks and two days before the fight. COMPOSITION Each caplet contains: Vitamin B12 – 100 mcg INDICATIONS For use in anemias resulting from Vitamin B12 deficiency in fighting...READ MORE

Trisullak Water Soluble Powder

Trisullak Powder TRIMETHOPRIM + SODIUM SULFADIAZINE – For the control and treatment of respiratory and digestive tract infections in fighting cocks. Administer 1 teaspoon per gallon of drinking water or 1 teaspoon per kilo of feeds. COMPOSITION Each Kg contains : Trimethoprim USP – 40...READ MORE

Trisullak 3A Tablet

Trisullak 3A Tablet TRIMETHOPRIM + SULFADIAZINE + TYLOSIN A broad spectrum antibacterial that controls and treats respiratory and digestive tract infections in gamefowls. COMPOSITION Each tablet contains: Sulfadiazine 400 mg, trimethoprim 80 mg, tylosin 50 mg INDICATIONS Treatment & control of systemic & respiratory infections...READ MORE

Doxylak Forte Tablet | Tetracyclines

Doxylak Forte Tablet – Tetracyclines DOXYCYCLINE HYDROCHLORIDE – It is a broad spectrum antibiotic that treats Chronic Respiratory Disease, Colibacillosis and Salmonellosis in fighting cocks. Given at a dose rate of « – 1 tablet per day for 3 – 5 days. COMPOSITION Each tablet contains...READ MORE

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