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NOBILIS Gumboro D78

Product Information for Public – Nobilis Gumboro D78 is a live, freeze-dried virus vaccine against Gumboro (Infectious Bursal Disease). Each dose contains at least 104.0 log10 TCID50 Gumboro disease virus (strain D78). For reconstitution and administration in drinking water. Vaccination programmes for infectious poultry diseases such as IB,...READ MORE


Nobilis E. Coli inac is indicated for partial passive immunization of broiler chickens during their first 7 weeks of life, by vaccination of the broiler breeders, as a help against postnatal colibacillosis (airsac disease and septicaemia), caused by fimbrial F11-antigen and flagellar FT-toxin-containing E. coli....READ MORE

Gumboro – Bursine 2

Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro) Infectious bursal disease is a common highly contagious disease that targets the bursa, which is a part of the immune system in the young chicken. Depending on the antibody status of the chicken and the level of challenge, the clinical effects...READ MORE

Gumboro Vaccine HIPRAGUMBORO® GM97

  HIPRAGUMBORO® GM97 Live vaccine Gumboro disease GM97 strain, in oral freeze dried tablet COMPOSITION: PER DOSE: Attenuated live Gumboro disease virus, GM97 strain: 102 – 103 EID50 INDICATIONS: Chickens: Prevention of Gumboro disease. ADMINISTRATION ROUTE: Oral. Oral: Always open the vials under water; use a small quantity of water to...READ MORE

Gumboro Vaccine HIPRAGUMBORO® CH/80

  HIPRAGUMBORO® CH/80 Cloned live vaccine, Gumboro disease, in oral freeze-dried tablet COMPOSITION: PER DOSE: Attenuated live Gumboro disease virus, CH80 clon: 103.5 – 106.5 TCID50 INDICATIONS: Chickens, Layers and Breeders: Prevention of Gumboro disease. ADMINISTRATION ROUTE: Oculonasal, oral or spray. It is advisable to use preferably the oral...READ MORE

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