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Pointing Spoon

Actual Picture of item. Gamefowl conditioning feeds manufacturer recommend of 30 grams to 35 grams of feeding ration or serving. In order to follow this instruction you will need this items, manufacture for precise measuring of gamefowl conditioning feeds. Game Fowl Feeder Pointing Spoon Accurately...READ MORE

Rubber Feeder | Ordinary

  Rubber Feeder Used in corded stag or cock long life expectancy easy to clean same weight as clay pot feeder Net Weight per Piece: 175 gram Gross: Weight: 2.000 kg for 10 Pieces Rubber Feeder  

Feeding Cup Big | 10 Pieces

 Feeding Cup Sold by 10 pieces Available Color: Green Red Blue Yellow Volumetric Size: Depth: 2 1/4 inch Width: 3 1/4 inch Length: 3 3/4 inch  

Feeding Scoop Set

Feeding Scoop Set Application Use to measure an exact amount of feed require by our gamefowl and to minimize the waste, exceed mixture and loses. To monitor the daily feed consumption in our game farm. Feeding Scoop Use for single or individual: Capacity Feed Full...READ MORE

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