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Mega Legend Crumbles 10 Packs | Medicated Feed Supplement

Protein Concentrate – Feed Additives Mega Legend is a feed additive fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that could be incorporated to the daily ration of gamefowl chicks to have excellent health foundation and attain desirable spread of breast muscles among stags and conditioning...READ MORE

Mega Legend Pellet 10 Packs| Medicated Feed Supplement

Protein Concentrate – Feed Additives INDICATION: To meet the desired spread of breast muscles during pre conditioning and conditioning of stag. Aids in recovery during disease out break DIRECTION FOR USE: Mix 100 grams of MEGA LEGEND pellets to 1 kilo of feeds or one teaspoon...READ MORE

Pointing Pellet Mix | Feed Additives

Pit Fighter Pointing Pellet Mix (PPM) is a balance ration of protein in relation to preconditioning. Fortified with ALFALFA PELLET to provide good fiber source. It develops birds muscle without making it too heavy in the fight. Blended with Pit Fighter Grain Mix (PGM) will...READ MORE

Protein Expander Pellet | Feed Additives

Pit Fighter Protein Expander Pellet (PEP) develops and nourishes bird muscle without making it too heavy. The bird will maintain its ideal weight without fat deposition. Pit Fighter Protein Expander Pellet (PEP) best given during preconditioning, pre-laying and early stages of stags and pullets to...READ MORE

Black Rooster HF Barley | Feed Additive

HF BARLEY – ENHANCES DIGESTIBILITY AND BETTER UTILIZATION OF FEED NUTRIENTS Feed Barley is one of the best sources of energy. However, feed barley has high amounts of ?-Glucans. This Anti-Nutritional factor creates gels covering the intestines creating a more difficult environment to absorb nutrients. BLACK...READ MORE

Black Rooster Vitality DFM | 100 Grams – Feed Additive

HIGH PROTEIN, ORGANIC MINERALS & DIRECT FED MICROBIAL FEED ENHANCER VITALITY-DFM is a performance enhancing, 3 in 1, feed add-on product used in all gamefowl stages and for breeding, it increases resistance to diseases, improves the immune system, and boosts rapid muscle development. Gamecock performance...READ MORE

Black Rooster Power Carb | 250 Grams – Feed Additive

SOURCE OF PURE POWER AND PURE ENERGY Carbo-loading is done three (3) days prior to fight day, Gamecocks are provided with high energy diet through corn, oats, and/or other grains. By this time, limited intake of water must be observed. POWERCARB, made from finely selected...READ MORE

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