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Brooding to Ranging Combo | Bastonero + Viteral + Ambroxitil + Tepox 48

Bastonero: Dewormer for chicks Viteral: Growth Booster Ambroxitil: Bacterial Flushing Tepox 48: Healthy digestive system The real champion is through the care of more champs! Not practice to maximize our chicks with proper nutrition and supplements to start brooding ranging! Strengthen the foundation of good...READ MORE

Breeder ADE | Multi Vitamins + Electrolytes

Breeder ADE | Multi Vitamis + Electrolytes | Water Soluble Powder | Performance Enhancer Veterinary Record: VRM 15 2476 Vitamin  ADE provides the minerals to increase the potency of the brood fowls, increases the good eggs for hatching, increases hatchability, and transfers the vigorous and...READ MORE

Bastonero Plus | Anthelmintic | Soluble Powder

Bastonero Plus | Water Soluble Powder | Anthelmintic / Antiparasitic Veterinary Record: VRM 06 1153 Indicate for the treatment and control of adult and larval stage of gastrointestinal roundworms and lungworms in poultry and livestock (anti parasitic). Formulation: Each gram contains Levamisole 15 g and...READ MORE

Viteral | Growth Booster – Multivitamins + Amino Acids + Electrolytes

Viteral | Water Soluble Powder | Performance Enhancer with Growth Booster Veterinary Record: VRM 15 2535 Multivitamins + Amino Acids + Electrolytes Specially formulated to provide chicks with a solid growth foundation and optimum health condition • Expect excellent immune system that results in good...READ MORE

Excelite C Plus | Multivitamins + Electrolytes + Dextrose + Betaine

Multivitamins + Electrolytes + Dextrose + Betaine The only supplement that contains multivitamins, electrolytes, dextrose, and fortified with betaine that prevents body dehydration, provides accurate water- holding capacity of the cells and maintains just enough amount of body moisture. Enhances resistance against stress after vaccination,...READ MORE

Ironex | Vitamins + Minerals + Electrolytes

Ironex | Water Soluble Powder | Performance Enhancer Indication: prevent anemia and other nutritional deficiencies. enhances the formation hemoglobin to redden the face. to maintain a good resistance to any stress and sickness. eliminate all toxins and contaminants feeds into the good functions of the...READ MORE


 L-Spec Injectable: Anti Bacterial / Anti Infective VR No 1228 DESCRIPTION: The combination of Lincomycin + Spectinomycin has an additive mode of action and in many cases acts as synergistic. Lincomycin has a bacteriostatic mode of action against mainly gram positive bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes,...READ MORE

Tepox 48 | Healthy Digestive System ~ Powder

Tepox 48 – Anti Diarrheal + Prevention of Coccidiosis Veterinary Record: VRM 13 1959 Trimetophrim + Sulfamethoxazole The combination of Trimetophrim and Sulfamethoxazole is effective against: Colibacillosis (Yellowish diarrhea)  Pullorum (Whitish diarrhea) Coccidiosis (Diarrhea with blood mixture) Fowl Cholera Dosage Prevention: 2.5 grams for every 1...READ MORE

Ambroxitil | Anti Biotic | Bacterial Flushing ~ Powder

Ambroxitil Water Soluble Powder Veterinary Record: VRM 06 1154 Amoxicillin + Tylosin + Bromhexine The Number 1 antibiotic for chicks against Coryza (pisik), CRD (halak), Fowl Pox (bulutong) and Colibacillosis (yellowish diarrhea). For bacterial flushing Fast-acting! in just 2 hours, AMBROXITIL starts to take effect....READ MORE

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