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Black Rooster Delta TPS | 110 ml & 580 ml – Feather Shampoo

DELTA TPS – COMPLETE POTENT CONTROL OF RED MITES Introduces you a highly Effective Medicated Shampoo for the Control of Crawling and Flying ectoparasites in Gamefowl, DELTA TPS. BRI’s Remarkable Medicated Shampoo is specially formulated with FIPRONIL in combination with SPINOSYNS as actives to bring The...READ MORE

Black Rooster LIPOTROPIC | 110 ml & 580 ml – Liquid Supplement

COMBINATION OF COMPOUNDS WHICH ENHANCE AND OPTIMIZE LIVER, KIDNEY AND HEART FUNCTIONS Prevention of fatty liver and digestion disturbance. Stimulates appetite to increase feed efficiency and growth. Increase fertility and hatchability in breeders Helps reduce mortality. LIPOTROPIC contains L-carnitine, methionine, betaine, choline chloride L-lysine and...READ MORE

Black Rooster Super Cell | 110 ml & 580 ml – Liquid Supplement

UNIQUE POTENT NUTRITIONAL IMMUNE SUPPORT SUPERCELL – is a nutritional supplement that helps boost the immune system by supplying the essential/amino acids. SUPERCELL – is a nutritional supplement that help compensate the nutritional deficiencies by supplying the essential amino acids, vitamins and trace minerals. SUPERCELL...READ MORE

Black Rooster Prime Up | 10 ml – Oral Drops

SOURCE OF PURE POWER AND PURE ENERGY PRIME UP is a product specially developed to Set and Prepare our Gamefowl in any form of activity, whether it is before breeding, conditioning or training. Prime means to be at First or in essence be First (1st)....READ MORE

Black Rooster Holding Serum | 5 ml – Oral Drops

POWER AND PERFORMANCE ENHANCING HOLDING (POINTING) DROPS HOLDING SERUM is a unique product used to Repair Muscle Tissues and support Liver Nutrition to Keep and HOLD Gamecocks at its Peak. HOLDING SERUM promotes Gamecock Peak performance while Enhancing Alertness and improving Power and Energy. During...READ MORE

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