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B Meg Integra Alamycin LA | Antibacterial

  PRODUCT BENEFITS: Antibiotics can be resistant to many types of bacteria DMAC (Dimethyl acetamide) is a co-solvent that is not thick and easy to put into the syringe and painless when injected Longer stay in the blood of a sick animal (lasts for up...READ MORE

Worm X Anthelmintic Tablet

WORM X ANTHELMINTIC TABLET VRP-028-01 INDICATION: It is a spectrum anthelmintic used for the treatment of gastro-intestinal worm infections in poultry. Used for the treatment of roundworms, hairworms and tapeworms in birds and fowls. It is effective against mature and developing immature stages of lavamisoloe-niclosamide...READ MORE

B Meg Integra Electro Max | Electrolytes

  ELECTROLYTES – Integra Electromax VRT 13 945 Water Soluble Powder Electrolytes INDICATION: To provide rapid correction of dehydration, electrolyte loss and metabolic acidosis during diarrhea. For oral rehydration therapy which promotes intestinal absorption of water and electrolytes. To encourage fluid intake and prevent dehydration...READ MORE

B Meg Integra – Multi Max | Multi Vitamins + Minerals + Amino Acids

  PERFORMANCE ENHANCER – Integra Multivitamins + Minerals + Amino Acids MultiMax VRT 14 956 Water Soluble Powder – Performance Enhancer INDICATION: For providing daily supply of vitamins, minerals and amino acids as a supplement for the prevention of nutritional deficiencies and/or for therapeutic use...READ MORE

B Meg Integra TriMax | Antibacterial

  ANTIBACTERIAL – Integra COTRIMOXAZOLE TriMax VRT 05 568 48% Water Soluble Powder Antibacterial INDICATION: For bacterial infections, including upper and lower respiratory infections and alimentary tract infections. For the treatment of the following diseases: coryza, fowl cholera, pullorum, E. coli septicemia, coccidiosis, and salmonellosis...READ MORE

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