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Asil Game Rooster | Accessories Complete Set

Asil Game Rooster | Accessories Complete Set 1 Piece ~ Catch Cock Training Bag 1 Piece ~ Spur Sharpener 1 Pair ~ Spur Covers or Breeding Muffs 2 Pairs ~ Leather Training Gloves 2 Pieces ~ Beak Covers or Anti Picking Mask 1 Pair ~...READ MORE

Asil Game Rooster | Catch Cock Training Bag

Used to identify and improve vertical throwing punches of candidate rooster and use for hanging injured cock. Candidate Rooster – Best to wear Leather Sparring Gloves during training season. Use for training game fowl to strike on air to ground (aerial cutting ability) and improve flexibility...READ MORE

Asil Game Rooster | Spur Covers | Breeding Muffs

Other known as Breeding Muffs use cover the Spurs when mating to hens Made of leathers

Asil Game Rooster | Leather Training Gloves

Asil Game Rooster Leather Training Gloves Made with “GENUINE” leather for long use and non damaging punch Highly elastiC garter for controllable tie grip Fit for all ages Promotes strong muscular hit

Asil Game Rooster | Beak Covers – Anti Pick Mask

Asil Game Rooster Beak Cover – Anti Pick Mask An accessories needed for a particular activity for improvement and/or support paraphernalia use to prevent from pecking place it over the beak just before pairing, sparring or competition when sparring cocks, keeps them from pulling feathers...READ MORE

Asil Game Rooster | Leg Balancer / Weights

Description: heavy duty – secure and adjustable lock 124 grams in weight each and 248 grams weight in 1 pair (click More Images) size of 6 cm in diameter and 7 cm in length sold by  2 | 4| 6 pairs “Leg weights other than...READ MORE

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