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Pyristat Oral Solution

Control of avian malaria & coccidiosis in poultry, racing pigeons, pigs, calves, & lambs. Formulation: Each ml contains: Pyrimethamine HCl —————13 mg Sodium Sulfaquinoxaline ——–50 mg Menadione —————————1 mg PVET Classification: Antiblood Parasites Drug Class: Rx (please see your veterinarian for proper supervision or carefully read the...READ MORE

Pyristat Water Soluble Powder

Formulation • Pyrimethamine + Sodium Sulfamonomethoxine + Vit k3 Indication • Treats avian malaria and leukocytozoonosis in broilers, layers and fightingcocks. ANTI-MALARIA List of Ingredients: Each gram contains: Sodium Sulfamonomethoxine…….10mg Pyrimethamine Hydrochloride….50mg Vitamin K3)……….3.5mg Dosage & Administration: Fightingcocks: Prevention: 5g/20L(1tsp/5 gal) of drinking water for...READ MORE

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