Lesson Learned And Opportunity for Improvement

Lists of Lesson Learned

Scenario: 1. Incorrect Postal Code was given, causing of delay transit and paying extra delivery charge.

Solution: We always double check your address and send confirmation text messages, kindly give correct details and full details.

Scenario: 2. Recipient person is not available and can not be contacted by DHL representative and packages lost of ownership.

Solution: We never issued any refund and never in any, we not responsible for the transit of your package – we’re out of this control.

Scenario: 3. DHL tracking of shipment breaks notification history due to PO box address, recipient signatory of shipment is not available.

Solution: Not accepting buyer PO box address in the future

Scenario: 4. DHL shipping cost from standard flat shipping rate increase due to bulky size of item.

Solution: Minimum purchase update from 200 US$ to 800 US$ in order to coup the unexpected bulky size of order

Scenario: 5. Incomplete address aside from normal address.

Solution: Please be mind that aside from standard freight shipping cost, there is RAS fee for address outside the city, kindly provide your complete address

Scenario: 6. Receiver address is not in correct format e.g. mixed details of information

Solution: Make sure that your address in searchable result in Google Map especially in country of Mexico causing of more delays time of delivery.

Scenario: 7. Not receiving the same looks of product packaging.

Solution: As much of possible we sending a fresh product therefore the latest manufacturer packaging you will receive.

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Scenario: 8. Some other Paypal account not indicate contact number, kindly send your active contact number for DHL Express quick delivery of your order.

Solution: PayPal invoice or payment generated receipt is not suitable to clear or pass export and import clearance for certain product. We need your contact number.

Lists of Opportunity for Improvement

1. DHL Express Worldwide generated Electronic Proof of Delivery (POD) and Tracking History Report to be submitted to buyer after completing the delivery.

2. We will give update on the tracking web link of your order once available.

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