Buyer And/Or Receiver Duty of Care

Ensure the following to eliminate the delay of delivery

  • Receiver must attend on the delivery date, Complete Address and Active Contact Number are available during ordering.

  • Your address is proven and you already familiar with the process (your purchased item is considered as imported product and subject for custom import duties and tax.

  • Always attend and stands to your delivery of items.

  • Fully aware with the product you import like product labeling, name and address of manufacturer, list of ingredients and to be use in range or back yard chicken etc.

  •  Provide active cellphone or telephone contact number and not connected to voice mail box.

  •  Year 2021 valid personal identification like SSN, IRS, Tax payer Identification Number.

  • If there’s any – you are willing to pay for your import duties and taxes, additional remote delivery charges, and other charges pertaining to inspection of item by FDA, Aquatic and Wildlife Animals, etc.

  • Fully aware that after shipped your item, we had no control at all – like update or change of shipping details, we are only to monitor the status of shipment and provide or send required additional information for clearance purpose.

  • Strictly No Returns and No Exchange Policy.

  • We not guarantee the transit of your package and we not handle cases “Items Not Received” with international order. These is all of your lost.

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